Your Guide to Private Airports in California

Robert Herbst works with San Rafael Airport, a private airport based in San Rafael, California. By catering to a different breed of flyer who prefers smooth travels and convenience - whether for business or fun - Herbst and his airport bring a new meaning to air travel.

Weather Related Issues at Private Airports in California

Weather is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable elements involved in flying, which makes understanding how it affects private airports all the more important. Here, Herbst explains how private airports and personal pilots deal with weather.

Who Uses Private Airports?

Private airports used to cater to a very niche breed of flyer, but the demographics are constantly changing, especially in the post-Baby Boom era.

What Services do a Private Airport Offer

Private airports are more than just a hangar and a landing strip. Instead, there are a number of services that can make your flying experience much more comfortable and safe.

A look at Security at a Private Airport

In the years following 9/11, airport security has changed. Here, Herbst looks at how the security involved in private airports has changed as well.

A Guide to Private Airports in California

It's important to know about the ins and outs surrounding private airports before you choose one as a home for your personal plane.


Flight Info

Runway: Newly paved—48 feet wide x 3000 feet long (including overrun) lighted, open 24 hours

CA35, UNICOM 122.7

Noise Control: All pilots are encouraged to minimize noise impacts on surrounding neighborhoods.  We want to be good neighbors and we need your help.  San Rafael Airport has adopted voluntary noise control measures, which are outlined on the flight pattern map below.  Where safety allows, please remember to:
1.    Avoid over-flights of surrounding residential neighborhoods.
2.    Conduct flight operations over the bay end (east) of the runway
3.    When departing runway 22, follow the railroad tracks out to Highway 101 to avoid overflight of homes.  When landing runway 04, follow the railroad tracks until you are on short final



limo and private airplane

$3 Million Airport Improvement Plan

$3 million in physical improvements, including 40 brand new executive hangars and a newly repaved runway among much more!

Why Choose Us?

  • Good weather conditions
  • Private airport
  • Never wait to fly
  • Brand new hangars
  • Multiple hangar sizes
  • Executive hangars
  • Unrestricted airspace
  • 25 minutes from San Francisco
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